Unplugged Performance Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System for 2012-2016.5 TESLA Model S
Applicable Model

The performance and aerodynamics of a car are often best visible at the rear and this Rear Under Spoiler/Diffuser system lets people know that your Model S is a serious performance car.

The design is a mix of functional aggressiveness and it takes Tesla’s factory rear diffuser design to a new level. The subtle elongation of the rear diffuser enhances the air diffuser effect Tesla has already designed into the car. All five of Tesla’s functional underbody diffuser fins are kept intact and well integrated into the new design.

Available without the fin panel for a subtler look, or choose the fin panel option for a more aggressive aesthetic.

This part is offered in the following finishes: unpainted, premium factory color paint, or in beautiful carbon fiber. The Unplugged Performance Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System is designed and produced to the highest quality levels in Hawthorne, California.

Starting September 2015: All rear under spoiler/diffuser systems in either unpainted or painted variations are produced in a Tesla factory style of impact resistant urethane. This production method allows significant durability as the material rebounds to the factory shape after experiencing an impact. The carbon fiber option remains as carbon fiber for those looking for supercar grade lightweight construction.

Compatible with all Model S variants produced before Spring 2016.