Unplugged Performance Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit for TESLA Model S
Unplugged Performance Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit for TESLA Model S
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Having driven our Model S quite extensively on twisty canyon roads, as well as at high speeds on the circuit, we learned that the braking system on the Model S is quite good for normal street driving, but had room for improvement when driven hard. Looking for a solution to not only improve brake performance, but also life, we looked to the sports car world and the carbon-ceramic rotor technology present on modern supercars. By utilizing carbon-ceramic rotors, in combination with massive, 6-piston calipers and stainless steel braided lines, the braking distance is reduced and pedal feel is noticeably improved.

An additional benefit of carbon-ceramic rotors is their considerably lower unsprung weight as opposed to traditional iron units. “Unsprung weight” refers to the weight of any component, not on the receiving end of the vehicle’s suspension system (chassis, motors, passengers, etc.). Lower unsprung weight translates to a reduction in the amount of inertia for the components managed by the suspension, which in turn leads to a more responsive ride and more agile handling feel. Additionally, reductions to the overall weight of the vehicle help to improve range and efficiency.


  • Fits all Model S vehicles with factory 21″ or Unplugged Performance upgraded wheels. (Also compatible with 19″ and 20″ wheels, depending on offset.)
  • Improve braking performance and feel
  • Reduction of 20lbs unsprung weight over for better feel and improved efficiency
  • Kit includes all components necessary for installation (brake fluid will need to be supplied by the buyer, and can be purchased at any automotive parts retailer)
  • The default caliper color is red to match the OEM units, but a wide range of custom colors are also available upon request for an additional fee

Kit Includes:

  • 6-Piston monoblock big brake caliper set with all necessary hardware
  • Brake pads designed specifically for use with carbon-ceramic rotors, and are compatible with daily street use
  • Huge 15.5″ carbon-ceramic rotor set
  • Machined Billet caliper adapter brackets and relevant hardware
  • Premium coated stainless steel braided brake lines engineered specifically for Tesla