Unplugged Performance The BFB Kit – Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit for Tesla Model 3
Unplugged Performance The BFB Kit – Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit for Tesla Model 3
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Over 15″ of stopping power.

A heavy car deserves the most heavy duty brakes available and these have stood the test of time. Unplugged Performance introduced the brake upgrade category to Tesla tuning long before the Model 3 was first released and our big brake kits have been used on daily driven and track driven Teslas ever since (S, X, 3 and Y). The world’s fastest Teslas run this kit and have become famous for their lap records at TeslaCorsa’s Buttonwillow Raceway events as well as internationally at famed tracks like Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. Most importantly, over the years there have been zero warranty replacements, zero disc re-orders (these rotors last a long time), and rave reviews by race drivers, journalists and every day Tesla commuters. If you’ve watched racing legend and Tesla track mode development driver Randy Pobst’s glowing reviews of these brakes you already know they work magic.

These are proper supercar brakes. Supercar, as in if you want to stop your 250mph Tesla next gen roadster then these are the type of brakes you need! You might notice that they look quite similar in construction.  This Unplugged Performance system benefits from specially selected brake pad compounds that do not require high heat for daily driven functionality and operate quietly as well. The Italian supercar grade carbon ceramic rotors provide a reduction of unsprung mass compared to iron rotors and further allow the huge sizes and performance gained without a hefty weight penalty.

The UP BFB kit fits UP’s 18″ forged wheels as well as some other 18″ wheels. Fits most 19″ and larger wheels. Please contact us if any concerns about fitting your car’s wheels.

Kit Includes:

  • 6-Piston monoblock aluminium big brake caliper set with all necessary hardware
  • Brake pads designed specifically for use with carbon ceramic rotors, and are compatible with daily street use. Available full race compound brake pads also available.
  • Huge 15.5″ carbon ceramic rotor set with machined billet anodized hats. That’s more than 20mm larger than anything ever offered elsewhere.
  • Billet caliper adapter brackets and relevant hardware
  • Premium coated stainless steel braided brake lines engineered specifically for Tesla
  • Kit includes all components necessary for installation (brake fluid will need to be supplied by the buyer, and can be purchased at any automotive parts retailer)
  • Made from components produced in USA & Italy